Hear what our clients have to say

Hear what our clients have to say:

Dr. Spilker and the staff at VMS have been part of our furry family for the last five years. From the puppies getting sick to boarding them often when I travel for work, we always received the very best in care and support. Through some difficult times where I had to board them more than I wanted, I always knew that they will not only be safe but also receive lots of love and kisses while in the care of VMS.

I am sad to say goodbye to everyone at VMS as I am moving out of state and only hope to find a new vet that is half as good as Dr. Spilker. He truly cares for each and every pet as well as their families.

Adri McCaskill

“I think everything was wonderful! I appreciate the time that Dr. Spilker and all the staff at VMS spent on helping Ki-Ki. It means a lot that he and all his staff actually CARE! Thanks so much!”


“We are so happy to be back with Dr. Spilker. Thanks for all that you do to make our pet (our child), Angel, happy and healthy.”


“Dr. Spilker, our family thanks you and your courteous staff for your professionalism and attentive treatment.”


Lugoff, SC
“I’ve been going to clinics for 47 years. I rate yours the highest and very clean!”


“You make furry hearts happy and human hearts grateful. I just want to thank you for everything you have done to get Molly well. Everyone has been so nice and I just thank you so much.”

Lisa & Molly

“Dr. Spilker is the best doctor and we are happy to have met him. My dog owes his life to him.”


“We were seen quickly and very satisfied with the service. Thank you.”


“Thanks for calling to check on Zeus. I’ve never had a veterinarian do that!”


“Dr. Spilker is an awesome caretaker of Winston and has won over our support for his services.”


“Everyone was very nice, caring, and compassionate.”


“I was very pleased with the knowledge of the staff and their friendliness.”


“Charlie really like our technician at VMS.”


Columbia, SC
“The clinic is very modern, large enough so the waiting room isn’t crowded.”


“The service was very good! A+”


“Could not have been more satisfied.”


“The doctors paid close attention to details. They answered all my questions, even if they were ‘no brainer’s.”


“My rabbit bounced right back from his surgery.”


“Your compassion was heartwarming. Thank you so much for caring for our Georgia.”